Visionary art that participates in the world of conscious change


“It was a great honor to have been on the jury that selected Gaia’s painting to win an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International competition “Celebrate The Healing Power of Art”. We were searching for artists who created “Positive Art That Lifts The Spirit.” Her work fits that criteria perfectly. At first glance at her art you are aware of a magnificent spiritual manifestation that cannot be manufactured in any way other than originating from pure love – pure genius.” 

Renee Philips – Director of Manhattan Arts International, New York, U.S.A

“Gaia’s art will inspire, intrigue and delight you”

Susun Weed, Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, U.S.A.

“… Gaia Orion captures the dynamic relationship of riveting contrasts that render dimension through resonance. The artist’s rendition of colorful intensity suggests movement within the still composition of the image. Pictorial details become secondary as the core of Gaia Orion’s primary aesthetic becomes apparent through the psychological experience of color. Here, in the “Autumn Reflection” award-winning piece, the wonder of landscape emerges from visual sensation rather than illusion.”

Jill Conner, New York based art critic – Editor of Whitehot Magazine, Editor of On-Verge

Gaia Orion’s work gives me a sense of harmony, spirituality and unity and brings peace and joy to the soul. I found her to be a heart centered and open minden person with whom it is fun and easy to collaborate.

Bence Ganti, Founder of the Integral Academy, Hungary and Director of the European Integral Conference

“Gaia Orion is a truly inspired and inspiring artist. She takes always us higher with her paintings. She talks about the untold, brushes about the unseen and shares a lot of love, yet without putting herself too much into the paintings. Her intention and vision are clearly present, but she lets emptyness be there too, so that each one can feel there is a place to interpret on the message and meditate on it. I am a big fan of Gaia’s work. Long life to her inspired work and more globally to all visionary arts that help us become a little bit better everyday.”

Tristan Lecomte, Director and Founder of Pur Projet, France

“The soft lines and warm colors of Gaia Orion’s art emanate soothing energies and give feelings of peace and simplicity”

William Lee Rand, Editor in Chief of the Reiki News Magazine, U.S.A.

“This work shines with the light of our world, reflecting the beauty and spirit of the Gaia-Sophia. Sharing the profound splendour of the Earth and its myriad citizens in a uniquely creative and visionary way, this work is a testament to the limitlessness of the inspired human imagination”

Delvin Solkinson, Managing Editor of Alex Grey’s COSM journal, Canada/U.S.A.



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